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OHV Groups Up In Arms After USFS Comments
Mar 26, 2010

Friends of Greenhorn announce their disappointment over Tahoe National Forest Supervisor's comments regarding the Greenhorn OHV area at a Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Friends of Greenhorn

Contact: Jacquelyne Theisen
E-mail: bebehumr@gmail.com 
Nevada City, CA 3/24/10


OHV Groups Up In Arms After USFS Comments

Forest Supervisor announces to County Greenhorn OHV area will not be designated

At a Nevada County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday, Tahoe National Forest Supervisor Tom Quinn announced that the Greenhorn OHV open area will not be designated in the Final Decision of the Tahoe National Forests Travel Management Plan. In effect - the area will be closed.

This comes as a huge disappointment to those members of Friends of Greenhorn, a motorized recreation based group, who have been diligently working with the Tahoe National Forest to keep the area open. "This is highly irregular to hear the outcome of a travel plan in advance of the process being completed" said Jacquelyne Theisen, Founder of the OHV group.

The Greenhorn OHV area has been open to public motorized use for over 60 years, and from 1947 to present, is included on Tahoe National Forest Maps. And, like some other areas on public lands, has had its problems due to lack of maintenance and quite simply, lack of attention from Land Managers.

In September of 2007, the group Friends of Greenhorn was formed in response to a potential closure of some small Bureau of Land Management Parcels in the area. Several volunteer clean-ups in the area have kept it clean and free of debris that some careless Nevada County residents and some Contractors have left behind. "We found entire kitchen remodels dumped out there," said Theisen, "and our volunteers, along with Auburn Placer Disposals generous help, cleaned it all up and took it to the dump where it should have gone in the first place."

However, after numerous attempts of negotiating with BLM, TNF, County Supervisors and Hansen Bros., the area has systematically been closed off to users one small piece at a time. "This was our last hope to keep a small piece of this area open" said Theisen. "It is a huge loss, in a string of losses for OHV recreation, I hope our members will communicate openly to both Mr. Quinn and the Nevada County Board of Supervisors how important this area is to them, and that it needs to stay open to motorized users".

The Friends of Greenhorn was formed in 2007 and is dedicated to maintaining the Greenhorn OHV area. We work with individuals, 4x4 clubs, organizations, and agencies to maintain and manage the area. If you would like to help with our efforts, you may join us by sending an email to friends-of-greenhorn@googlegroups.com or viewing our website at www.friendsofgreenhorn.com.