4x4 Trail Info
4x4 Trail Info
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Trail Types:

Dead End
General Area
OHV Park
Open Area
Private Park
Trail System

Trail Types

BalloonA trail that loops back on itself, requiring a significant portion of the trail to be retraced to return to its beginning.
Dead EndA trail that ends in a dead end, requiring most, if not all of the trail to be retraced to return to its beginning.
General AreaAn area with no specific boundary, containing several, possibly unrelated trails.  For example, Moab.
LoopA trail that ends at or near its beginning, requiring little or no retracing of previously run trail sections and little or no use of 2WD roads to return to its beginning.
ObstacleA particularly difficult section of a longer trail.
OHV ParkAn area designated for OHV use.  May include open riding areas and/or trails.
Open AreaAn area where OHV travel is generally unrestricted, containing few, if any, distinct trails.
Private ParkAn area open only to members and invited guests
SegmentedA trail that crosses or follows 2WD roads in several places.  These crossings can be used to bypass parts of the trail, including its beginning or end.
ThroughA trail that ends at a 2WD road a significant distance from its beginning.
Trail SystemAn area containing a network of interconnected trails.